Welcome to Florida Pointer Rescue!


Florida Pointer Rescue is an all-volunteer no kill dog rescue based in New Smyrna Beach FL. Every day we rescue dogs from overcrowded kill shelters, unwanted litters, and from owners no longer able to care for them. We rescue dogs, pups, seniors and pregnant dogs from Florida and bordering states and provide shelter, food, medical care, transportation, and affection to homeless dogs of all breeds and the dogs are fostered in private homes till adopted.

Our hands-on rescue efforts secure permanent loving homes for hundreds of dogs and puppies each year. We are dedicated to rescuing, nurturing and adopting dogs - both big and small into loving homes.  Florida Pointer Rescue joins in the fight to reduce the vast problem of pet overpopulation by requiring every adopted dog and pup are spayed or neutered.

All dogs brought into the rescue are examined by a licensed veterinarian and are given complete vetting care including age appropriate vaccinations, dewormed, and placed on flea and heart worm preventive, spayed or neutered, and adults are heart wormed tested.

Florida Pointer Rescue is a registered nonprofit with the state of Florida and operates solely on the generosity of donations, and adoptions fees help support what we do; to save and improve dogs lives. Our mission is to provide the gift of life to as many dogs as compassionately possible, to provide hospice and senior sanctuary as necessary and to enrich the lives of those who adopt them. 


Fosters are the backbone of any rescue organization; please consider opening your heart and your home.

Paypal Donations:  floridapointerrescue@yahoo.com

Fostering: http://floridapointerrescue.com/volunteer

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Volunteer: http://floridapointerrescue.com/volunteer

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New Smyrna Beach FL Pet Supermarket: Receive 10% off any dog food donations or supplies purchased at the Pet Supermarket for an adopted pet or a Florida Pointer Rescued dog or pup. See the Manager at Pet Supermarket for details!

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